Maryland Offering Up New Proposals To Construct More Casinos

July 20th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

Over the course of the last several months, the state of Maryland has joined other states in upping their casino and gaming industry in hopes of increasing revenue to their respective economies.

Earlier this week, a new proposal for casinos in Maryland to construct at Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort.

Earlier this year, Maryland lawmakers came together to pass legislation that create incentives for buy state-subsidized property, such as the lodge, and allow the operators to hold a higher percentage of revenue.  Those operating the slot-machines would be able to take 35.5 percent of the revenue for the first five years unlike the standard 33 percents from other locations around the state.

Chairman of the Maryland Slot Commission Donald Fry stated that these new incentives for buying he believes will bring forth bidders.

“I think the economic times are much better than they were when we first issued the proposal back in December of 2008,” Fry said to the Maryland media.

Fry has stated that he has been informed of several interested parties.

The proposed site is located in Western Maryland could hold up to 1,500 slot machines.

Now, the proposals will be created and will have to be submitted by 16 weeks, which puts that at around Mid-November.

Slot Machines were approved in Maryland back in 2008, but have endured a difficult start in the state.

Still, Maryland Casinos and the gambling industry along the East Coast has expanded in 2010 and appears as if it will continue to do so in the coming months.

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