NCAA Looking Into Possible UNC Rules Violations

July 18, 2010 – By Scott

Now that the USC/Reggie Bush scandal is pretty much behind us, it appears as though another NCAA football program is coming under fire. North Carolina is now the next school feeling pressure as athletic director Dick Baddour said on Thursday that a sports program is under investigation by the NCAA for possible rules violations.

According to’s Joe Schad, a source at North Carolina told him that several Tar Heel football players were interviewed by the NCAA this past week. Questions that were asked were regarding agents and whether or not anyone had received extra benefits or gifts. Marvin Austin, a defensive end who opted to pass on the 2010 NFL draft this spring, was one of the players interviewed according to the source. Baddour, however, declined to tell the Associated Press which sport was under investigation.

“I was told that I could limit my comments to the fact that they had been here and they wanted me to say that we had indeed been cooperative,” said Baddour, adding that the inquiry “has our full attention.”

A second source has added to the previous information saying that the NCAA wanted all of North Carolina’s potential draft picks to submit phone records to allow investigators to see who they had spoken with and if anyone was an agent. In addition, the players were told to provide who paid for travel, who paid their rent and which agents they had met with and when. Both of the sources said that agent activity had been high surrounding Tar Heel football after several players passed on the NFL draft.

Baddour said the university would fully cooperate with the NCAA during the entire investigation.

“We work hard on our compliance program, a program of integrity,” Baddour said. “We’re proud of it. We are also proud that, or we think very strongly that, we get an inquiry from the NCAA that we would comply, we would do what they asked us to do and we would do it forthright and completely.”

The Tar Heels have high hopes for the upcoming season. They return nine starters on a defense that was one of the nation’s best last year and are expected to contend for the ACC’s Coastal Division title this season. They open up their season with a huge test against LSU in Atlanta on September 4.

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