Some Find Humor In Presidential Betting Odds Listed At Online Sportsbooks

July 17th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

BP capped and sealed the well Thursday July 15th, 2010. This is a temporary modification to help control the amount of oil that was previously gushing into the Gulf. Relief wells are still being drilled to shut it off for good by pumping cement into the well. Many people who live along the gulf coast are not completely confident that this well cap will hold under the pressure. BP is currently testing to see the cap BP used to contain the oil leak that has been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for 88 days will not fail. The containment cap is not only under intense pressure by the oil that is now capped off, but also the communities that live along the Gulf Coast.

Many businesses along the golf coast have been effected by the oil spill and have seen little if any help from our U.S. government. Yes President Obama has visited some of these small golf coast town, but his presence was simply not enough to put these residents and business owners on the road to recovery. Promises have been made and yet no relief has been shown to the thousands of people that are suffering due to something that could of been prevented.

Our President is receiving harsh criticism for his lack of  leadership in a time of crisis but it comes as no surprise to most. Since first being elected into office, President Obama has been faced with many world crisis and promised time and time again to resolve the issues in a timely manner. The results are minimal and it seems as if he is more concerned with with throwing his daughters the most lavish celebrity birthday parties, than actually taking a step to really lead this country.

With elections just over a year away, you would think that Obama would think about focusing on the changes he promised during elections. While he has in fact addressed some of these issues he stated he would, has the change really effect the majority of Americans in a positive way? America will show their support of our President or lack their when the next presidential election rolls around in 2012. Online sportsbooks are already offering entertainment betting lines on who the next leader of our country is most likely to be. At least online sportsbooks seem some humor in the leadership of our country.

Barack Obama    -130
Mitt Romney    +600
Haley Barbour    +2500
Sarah Palin    +1100
Hillary Clinton    +1600
Newt Gingrich    +2500
John Boehner    +2000
Joe Biden    +3300
Mike Huckabee    +1800
Tim Pawlenty    +1800
Jon Huntsman    +2800
Bobby Jindal    +2500
Bill Owens    +3300
Chuck Hagel    +3300
Fred Thompson    +3300
David Patraeus    +3300
Lindsey Graham    +4000
Rudolph Giuliani +4000
Chuck Baldwin    +4000
Jeb Bush    +4000
Evan Bayh    +4000
Tom Ridge    +5000
Ron Paul    +5000
George Allen    +6600
Al Gore    +6600
John McCain    +6600
Condaleeza Rice    +6600
John Edwards    +6600
George Pataki    +8000
Bill Frist    +8000
Jim Webb    +10000
Kathleen Sebelius    +10000
Tim Kaine    +10000
Arnold Schwarzenegger    +10000
Sam Brownback    +10000
Janet Napolitano    +10000
John Kerry    +10000
Michael Bloomberg    +4000
Mark Warner    +10000
Caroline Kennedy    +15000
Dick Cheney    +20000
Will Smith    +25000
Paris Hilton    +25000
Laura Bush    +25000

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