Ohio Governor Backing Slot Machines At Racetracks In Addition To Casinos

July 15th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

Flash back to November in 2009, and Ohio residents voted and approved the first-ever casino to be in the state.  Eight months later, Governor Ted Strickland as well as the Ohio Lottery have teamed together in an effort to take is another step farther, and try and bring in slot machines that are state-run.

“What we are seeing in Ohio is something that takes place in almost every state where casino gambling is legalized,” remarked Steve Schwartz, who is a Gaming Analyst. “Once the initial approval is given, lawmakers keep pushing to see how much gambling can increase. With each expansion, more tax revenue goes to the state.”

Next week, the lottery commissioners in the state of Ohio will update the the current video lottery machines.  From there, the courts will review and issue a ruling on whether or not the machines will be legal.

After Ohio voted in favor of casinos in the state, within the next couple of years, four cities will have casinos.  Ohio Casinos in the cities of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo are expected to debut casinos within that period of time.

Strickland is in favor of bringing in slots at the state’s tracks in addition to the new casinos that will go up.

Due to the struggling economy, the racetrack industry has had a difficult time generating revenue.  Strickland believes that adding slot machines in the racetracks will help Ohio’s tracks, siting other state that have made the move to do so.

There has been quite a bit of expansion in the gambling industry in several state’s around the country.  In addition to Ohio, states like Massachusetts, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland have made strides to expand.

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