Pennsylvania Casinos Debut Table Games To The Public

July 9, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The gaming industry in the state of Pennsylvania has been around for nearly 32 years, but for the first time table games have been implemented.  Now, the public will be able to play after several weeks of testing and trials runs have been met with positive results.

At the Meadows Casino, the games seemed to be well received, as players now have many more options when walking into the casinos.

“I’m not a slots person, so I’m really glad,” Casino goer Bonnie Willson said of the table games. “I’m only an hour away now, versus having to go two hours to Wheeling [West Virginia]. I imagine they’re going to see a lot more of me here.”

In total. Pennsylvania has nine casinos in the state, trying to keep up with the 11 casinos in New Jersey at Atlantic City, as well as Delaware recently adding table games.

“Table games, such as blackjack and craps, are played mostly by action gamblers,” said gambler Arnie Wexler. “The faster the games, the more addictive they are.”

It is difficult to figure out how the opening day went for the three casinos in Pennsylvania that opened their doors to the public.

“Unlike slots, in which each machine communicates revenue figures to a Central Control Computer System and enables a daily calculation of taxes due, revenue from table games must be manually counted, with a monthly report submitted to the Department of Revenue,” remarked Doug Harbach, who is one of the spokesman for the Pennsylvania gaming board.

“We do not have financials right now, but we can tell you we were thrilled by the morning turnout. In fact, we were pleased to have to open additional tables faster than we expected,” he added.

While on the one hand the Pennsylvania Casinos were joyous, Atlantic City gaming were taking a step back and taking the situation in.

“We have to see how aggressive they are going to be with marketing, how many [table] games each casino will have, and what kind of limits they will have,” remarked Mark Juliano, who is the CEO of the three Trump casinos at the New Jersey Shore.

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