Gambling Expansion In Colorado Fails To Meet Expectations

July 3rd, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

Many states around the USA have been exploring gambling expansion as a way to fill budget gaps, and Colorado is one state that followed in suit. Gambling tax revenue, while on the up, has not generated as much money for the state as analysts had predicted.

Hours of operation, as well as betting limits, had been raised in the state’s push for gambling expansion. Last year in July, the three gambling towns in Colorado passed laws to allow the casinos to stay open for 24 hours, raise betting limits to $100, and add roulette and craps to the gambling options. The law was passed under the voter approved Amendment 50.

The year prior to the gambling expansion generated roughly $94.9 million. The recession was blamed. The expanded hours of operation, addition of games, and heightened betting limits have pushed this $94.9 million into $108.7 million.

The gambling expansion was originally predicted to bring in an additional $30 million in extra revenue. The $9.4 million increase was far below this estimation.

“While the $100 betting limit is still a bit too high for me, I have enjoyed the gambling expansion,” began Dante Hayter, Colorado resident. “The addition of the craps tables has brought me a lot of fun and gave me a reason to hit the Ameristar Casino.”

For those who still live too far from the casinos or simply wish to gamble in private there are the Colorado Online Gambling sites available. Gambling expansion in the state has not yet created a regulatory body for the online games, though this may soon happen.

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One Response to “Gambling Expansion In Colorado Fails To Meet Expectations”
  1. Online Casino Suite Says:

    Land-based casino expansion hasn’t yet happened in Colorado, but I think if/when Barney Frank’s bill is passed, Colorado may be one of the first State’s to regulate on the internet front. I know it may sound silly, but my guess is that all of the State’s where medical marijuana is legal will be amongst the first to regulate. Supreme snow boarding, medical marijuana, eco-friendly progressiveness and legalized online gambling? Err…should I start packing up my bags now or later?

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