Casino Issue Leads To Arrests In Alabama

July 1st, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

The legality of gambling and gambling venues is an issue that continues to make headlines all around the United States. Just hours ago, protesters at an Alabama Casino were arrested after refusing to leave the Greenetrack casino while law officials entered the venue in an order to seize approximately 800 electronic bingo machines.

The stand off with protesters and police lasted into the wee hours of Thursday morning. The charges against the protesters arrested were obstruction of justice. One of those among the charges was none other than Democratic state senator Bobby Singleton of Greensboro. The protesters were simply trying to deliver a message to Republican Gov. Bob Riley that the action enforced from the gambling task force was leaving many people in this area out of work.

Many government officials, including John Tyson Jr., Task Force Commander, have stated time and time again that electronic bingo machines are considered illegal gambling and every attempt to limit illegal gambling will be followed through. Non-Indian Casinos throughout Alabama have suffered a great loss due to the task force.

The battle of the legality of gambling through legal casinos is an issue that almost every state faces, in one way or another. There have been many failed attempts to legalize casino gambling. Many government officials do support of legalizing gambling, and they are seeing much needed support over the issue. Strides are being made in the right direction to have gambling legalized in the United States.

The stand off ended after a court ordered that state troopers be allowed to enter the casino and seize the bingo machines, resulting in protesters arrest. Although the protest remained orderly throughout the evening and into Thursday morning hours, law officials were forced to arrest those left guarding the machines inside the venue.

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