Superior Casino Offering New Video Slots Game With Big Winnings

June 29th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

Superior Casino is at the forefront of best USA online casinos when it comes to steady promotions, rewards, and bonuses for their players as they try and keep up with the latest in the gaming industry.

Recently, Superior Casino debuted their newest additions to the casino.  It is video slot game and it is called The Best of Luck slot.

Superior Casino has dubbed their newest Slots game the luckiest slot machine ever created, with many “lucky charms” players try to get with free spins.  In total, there are three jackpots that are worth over $2,500 in coins.

A new feature that Superior Casino has added on the Best Of Luck Slots is a wild icon that is able to be used as any of the normal icons at any time.

An additional feature of the Best Of Luck Casino is a unique concept of free spins in conjunction with a bonus round.  As a player gets a free spin, a mini-bonus round is automatically generated for that player.  In all, there are six mini-bonus rounds that are available.  If a player is able to achieve three identical bonus rounds during the same free spin sets, an automatic three additional spins are generated, which could mean more winnings.

Also offered at Superior Casino is the Ocean Treasure 5-reel video slot machine that the casino says has paid out over 100 percent during the month of June.  Players can win upwards of 5000 coins in the jackpot with plenty of free spin opportunities out there as well.

Superior Casino continues to offer new bonuses and promotions for players that will create the optimum amount of free spins on the new slot machines for the chance to win big.

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