Day 1 Of Tournament Of Champions Ends, Erik Seidel In Lead

June 28th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The 2010 World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions brought 27 players to the felts, and of these 27 only 22 remain. The eight day event brought several eliminations in the first four levels of play.

Each player began with 30,000 tournament chips with the blinds at 50/100. Voters brought some of the biggest names in poker, some of these voted in players have already fallen to the axe. Sammy Farha, Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Greg Raymer, and Barry Shulman have all been felted despite their best efforts.

Perhaps the saddest moment of the first day was Phil Ivey’s elimination. Ivey had received the most votes for entrance into the Tournament of Champions, but had fallen short in a mind boggling two outer.

Ivey and Chris Ferguson had gone toe to toe after Ferguson had raised to 600 from the middle position. Ivey reraised 2,000 from the small blind, and Ferguson bet once again to bring the pot to 6,400. Ivey shoved for 13,500, which put him all in, and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson made the call. Ivey flipped up cowboys to Ferguson’s ladies, putting Ivey in a dominant lead.

Though safe on the flop, Ivey’s cowboys would end up falling to a queen on the turn. The board of 6-3-T-Q-2 failed to improve for Ivey, who was sent to the rail with what was a better hand in the beginning.

Another hand of note occurred between Antonio Esfandiari and Daniel Negreanu. Negreanu opened the betting from the button by raising to 700 pre-flop. Esfandiari and Hachem both called from the blinds. The flop came As-2s-3s, and Esfandiari bet out at the pot. Negreanu called and Hachem folded. The turn came 5s and a pair of checks, but 5th street dropped a 4s, putting a straight flush on the board. Esfandiari chipped 3,000 to the center, but ended up folding when Negreanu sent 9,000 into the center. The only card that would have given Negreanu a superior hand, in this situation, was the 6 of spades.

Erik Seidel held the largest chip stack by the end of day 1. His lead is not safe, however, due to the nature of no-limit hold ’em and the other two contenders in the top three. Johnny Chan held 71,325 and Mike “the Mouth” Matusow held 70,575. Seidel’s lead kept him with 72,075 chips.

The average chip stack is currently 36,872.

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