Pennsylvania Receiving New Casino Chips To Increase Security

June 23rd, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

Pennsylvania Casinos have been making many headlines recently relating to the implementation of the new tables games that will be received by the state’s casinos in the coming weeks.  That will not be all however.

Additionally, with respect to chips in the casinos, the Pennsylvania Gaming and Control Board will bring in high-security chips to prevent any sort of counterfeiting that may try to take place.

“The ultimate goal of these counter measures is to defeat counterfeiters,” remarked Michael Cruz, who is the director of gaming laboratory operations for the state Gaming Control Board.

“If you’re able to counterfeit the chips and not be detected, basically you’re playing for free at that point.”

At the Meadows Racetrack and Casino, 184,000 of these “smart-chips” were taken in by the casino.

Cruz stated that a myriad of security measures will be taken with respect to the various chips in the Pennsylvania casinos that can range from ultraviolet pictures, to small printing on the chip itself.

“To the naked eye, it looks like a dot. Under magnification, it is text,” Cruz stated.

While there will be a consistent color signifying the denomination amount amongst the Pennsylvania Casinos, each one will add their unique flavor to the chip to make it fit the individual casino.

“No property in Pennsylvania would have the same edge spots,” stated Todd Moyer, who is the Rivers general manager. “They’re pretty intricate and that’s what uniquely identifies them to a particular property.”

The Rivers property will haul in 212,000 of these new smart chips, with a value placed on them around $25 million total.

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