Missouri Switches Position, Tries To Keep Together Big-12 Conference

June 13th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The Missouri Tigers issued their first public comments on the recent developments in the Big-12 conference that has now been reduced to 10 teams following the departure of Nebraska and Colorado.

The Cornhuskers jetted for the Big-Ten conference while the Buffaloes opted for an invitation to the Pac-10.

The Tigers have expressed their interest to hold together the rapidly decreasing Big-12 conference, despite reports that the university has been courted by the Big-Ten.

For the time being however, the University of Missouri said that they will work to preserve the remaining members of the Big-12 conference, that was originally formed in 1994.

“We have been a proud member of the Big Six, Big Seven and Big Eight, and we continue to take great pride in the accomplishments of the Big 12,” remarked University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton. Deaton. “Our position as a member for more than 100 years gives us a great appreciation for the tremendous value of our conference and a vital stake in its future.”

This comes as a stark contrast to notions a recent as last week that the Tigers were a virtual certainty to join a new conference.

The interest of the University of Missouri in the Big-Ten was criticized by Nebraska after the school announced their intentions of leaving the Big-12 conference, citing that at the potential collapse of the conference.

“We were only doing what you would expect any institution, whether you’re sitting here or in Lawrence, Kan., or Waco, Texas,” University of Missouri President Gary Forsee said. “Did we contribute more or less than any other institution in the Big 12 or nationally? No. I think we’ve all been caught up in now this national discussion that certainly has spread beyond the Big Ten, and the Big 12 is certainly in the middle of that.”

The Big-12 is now down to 10 teams while the Big-Ten sports 12 teams, and the Pac-10 now with 11.

“We’re working hard to strengthen the Big 12, or the Big Ten as it is right now. In other words,the 10 institutions left in the Big 12.

“Nomenclature is very difficult in this process,” Deaton added.

With the history-making last few weeks in college football changing the landscape forever, it remains to be seen exactly what will pan out with the remainder of the Big-12 conference.  The question of whether or not the conference will remain together, or disband among the others will be the talk of the sport until the decisions are made.

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One Response to “Missouri Switches Position, Tries To Keep Together Big-12 Conference”
  1. Saltonking44 Says:

    Sure Nebraska criticized by Nebraska for wanting to go to the Big 10 and look what happened, Nebraska went.

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