Nebraska Leaves Big XII And Joins Big-Ten Conference

June 12th, 2010- By Bryan Cross

And the trend continues.

The University of Nebraska has formally announced that they will leave the Big 12 conference in favor of the Big 10, making the second school that the Big 12 has lost this week, with Colorado going to the Pac-10.

“We’ve had a couple disappointing days with the departure of two valued members,” Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe said of the loss of Nebraska and Colorado.

The Big-10 Board of Presidents all welcomed Nebraska to the conference and, which will take place on July 1, 2011.

“The University of Nebraska would have new opportunities with membership in the Big Ten — and I believe the Big Ten would be a stronger conference as well,” Nebraska president J.B. Milliken said.

The move of Nebraska to the Big-10 caps off a rather remarkable and history-making week in college football,  with the potential for many move conference moves to come over the course of the next weeks and months.

“One school leaving a conference does not destroy a conference,” Nebraska Chancellor Perlman said. “Nebraska did not start this discussion. After the Big Ten announced it planned to consider expansion, we saw reports that Missouri would want to go to the Big Ten, including a statement by their governor, a member of board of curators and chancellor — comments that weren’t clearly supportive of the Big 12.”

Fellow Big-12 member Iowa State issued an expression of disappointment by way of a letter to the conference this week relating to the loss of Colorado and Nebraska.

“But as all of the discussions about conference realignment illustrate, the future of college athletics appears to be less about academics and competitive success and more about money, as measured by television viewership and the associated revenues,” the letter stated.

Nebraska will get a higher revenue share with the Big-10 a cornerstone reason for the move.

Not lost in translation was the outcome of last year’s Big-12 championship game, in which Nebraska lost to Texas on the last play of the game 12-10 after a controversial decision was made to leave :01 on the clock.

“This is not about any type of vindictiveness,” Nebraska athletic Director Tom Osborne said. “You don’t make a decision of this size based on where you’re going to play Big 12 championship games.”

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