Nine Players Will Play For Last Tournament Of Champions Spot In WSOP

June 8th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The World Series of Poker Academy said this week that the final seat for the 2010 Tournament Of Champions lbe filled by way of a sudden-death tournament that will take place on June 10.  The winner of the event will receive a coveted slot into the 27-player Tournament Of Champions event that will be contested on June 27.

The Tournament of Champions is a 27-person event, with 20 of the players being decided by a public vote.  Of the remaining seven slots, five were automatic invites,  and two were sponsor exemptions.

The World Series of Poker Academy controls on of the sponsor exemptions.

“We’re very excited to be part of this prestigious event,” remarked Jeff Goldenberg, who is the CEO of the World Series of Poker Academy. “These nine players are champions in their own right, despite not being given the opportunity to be voted in by the fans. We’re giving them a shot to be part of the TOC and cannot wait for June 10.”

“We’ll be using the footage from this event on the soon-to-be-released WSOP Academy Online. Fans everywhere can watch as nine extremely talented players battle it out for one of the most sought-after seats ever given away. The WSOP Academy is very happy to be part of this opportunity.”

Poker players Phil Hellmuth and Ali Nejad will play host and analysts for the event.

“This will be one of the most intriguing events we’ve ever put on,” remarked Goldenberg. “The players were thrilled to be given this opportunity knowing what’s at stake and we hope our fans will enjoy the coverage. While the WSOP Academy is primarily known for in-person education, we’re ready to expand to the online realm and believe this tournament will be a perfect addition to our already entertaining offerings.”

The 2010 World Series of Poker
is in full swing, with several tournaments still to be played and finished, including the Main Event.

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