Pac-10 Looking To Expand, Offers Membership To Several Big 12 Schools

June 6, 2010- By Jonathan Lowell

The Pac-10 has officially announced the offers of membership to several Big-12 schools in a conference re-structure that could shake the college football world.  Six or more teams could join the Pac-10 if the Big-12 does indeed collapse.

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott came out of meetings Sunday to announce that university leaderships have given him permission to expand the conference.  There was no time frame given for the expansion, but he does have the authority should they decide to go forward.

“What direction that process takes still could go in different directions, everything from remaining as we are as a Pac-10 that’s got some very bright days ahead of it to a bigger conference footprint,” Scott said. “I have the authority to take it in different directions, depending on various scenarios and discussions we’re going to have.”

The Big-12 has reacted to the Pac-10’s actions by giving Missouri and Nebraska ultimatums of Friday to decide if they will remain under the jurisdiction of the conference.  The Big-10 also has been targeting these schools for membership.

“Nebraska has until 5 p.m. on Friday to tell us what they’re going to do,” one school official said.   “The same deal for Missouri. They have to tell us they’re not going to the Big-Ten.”

Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are all being considered by the Pac-10 for admittance.  The loss of these schools could result in the collapse of the Big-12.  There are several possibilities for the reworking of the conferences.

“You’ve read about an awful lot of ideas. I’m not sure I’ve read every single one, but we probably have contemplated or are contemplating almost everything you’ve read about,” Scott said. “The Pac-10’s in a very fortunate position.”

The Big-12 is currently in the middle of negotiations for a new television deal that will keep them on par with the other college football conferences.  Big-12 conference commissioner Dan Beebe is optimistic about the future.

“We have had analysis and projections that look like we’re going to be every bit as well compensated in the future,” Beebe said.

Presidents of the Big-12 are scheduled to meet in October to decide the fate of the conference.  February is the next time they meet with Fox to discuss a new cable deal.  Their current deal with ESPN lasts through the 2015-16 academic year.

The Pac-10 is also in the middle of restructuring a TV deal of their own.  Before the deal is finalized, the Pac-10 will have to know the final line-up of teams in their conference.  Early reports say that the deal for expansion could be up to 20 million dollars per school.

USA Sportsbooks
have set Texas as the favorite to win the Big-12 conference championship at +200.  Oklahoma and Nebraska have the second best odds at +250.

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One Response to “Pac-10 Looking To Expand, Offers Membership To Several Big 12 Schools”
  1. Dennis Says:

    Well I know that OU has played a number of PAC10 schools in the past and done very well for themselves so it wouldn’t surprise me if them jumped…

    Actually I could care less which conference they are in, they’ll continue to win big where ever they are!

    Class of ’64

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