Pennsylvania Gambling Revenue Continues To Boom In May

June 6th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

Gambling revenue in Pennsylvania has constantly been on the rise, and the month of May has been no different. Another sizable increase has been observed, and the gambling locations in Pennsylvania have collectively witnessed an increase of 12.63 percent.

Gamblers had collectively given up $200,944,627 in revenue, a sharp increase over May of 2009, where $178,415,270 had been generated. Tax collections brought in $110,519,545, or 55 percent of revenue collected. This amounted to an average of $3.57 million in tax collection per day.

An additional $165 had been generated from the payment of table game licensing and certification.

Though there had been a general increase in revenue collected, the different cold be accounted for in the fact that two of the nine gambling havens currently operating were not open in May of 2009, or were only open for a brief period during the month. The casinos that had been operating during May of 2009 had experienced a revenue decrease of 6.11 percent. Still, the numbers for tax collection were up over the year.

Parx Casino continues to be the biggest casino in terms of gains. The Philadelphia casino had generated $37 million. Mount airy Casino Resort had only taken in $12 million in gambling revenue.

Table games are expected to be incorporated into the gambling choices of Pennsylvania before the end of the summer. These games are expected to roll out during the month of July.

The tax money generated by all of the gambling options found in Pennsylvania’s casinos will be directed primarily toward the reduction of property taxes within the state.

Pennsylvania online gambling sites have not yet been licensed by the state, though they remain a popular form of gambling to many players.

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