Man Robbed In Casino Becomes A Fatality

May 31st, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

On Wednesday, May 26th, a 91 year old man had ended up lucky in the Greektown Casino. He had won $240 dollars and received a voucher to be cashed in. When trying to cash in his ticket, his luck turned for the worse.

A thief had attacked Frank Pierce, the lucky winner, and snatched the ticket. When he had attempted to recover his winnings from the greedy thief, a tragic ending to his story had occurred. The elderly gentleman had succumbed to the strain inflicted by the assailant, identified as Eugene Thomas, and had ultimately passed on from the conflict.

Pierce managed to find a police officer and point out his assailant prior to collapsing. The voucher was recovered by police and Thomas was arrested and charged with murder and larceny. For the larceny charge, Thomas faces up to four years in prison. A life sentence could be the possible punishment for the unfortunate demise of Mr. Pierce.

Unfortunately, any cash business, casinos in particular, are a breeding ground for such crimes as robbery. Rarely do these events end in the death of the victim, and even this case of death was an unintended consequence.

The best USA online casinos are not subject to such robberies, and are on the whole significantly safer due to the lack of any paper currency being traded through the player and the casino. Due to the nature of the transactions, digital transactions, there is no possibility of funds being stolen. Since high levels of security are in place in order to keep all transactions completely safe, the risk of thievery is non-existent.

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