New Orleans Saints’ Jeremy Shockey Hospitalized After Seizure

May 28, 2010- By Jonathan Lowell

New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey was hospitalized Thursday after suffering a seizure.  Teammates were with Shockey when he suffered the seizure in the weight room.  The cause of the seizure is still unknown.

Safety Darren Sharper followed Shockey to the hospital, and was by his side in the weight room when the tight end began to shake violently.  Sharper was a key part of the defense for the Saints’ Super Bowl run in 2009.

“It was scary,” Sharper said. “We didn’t know what was going on.”

Shockey’s teammates said the trainers in the room were quick to respond to the Pro-Bowl tight end.  After a few minutes, Shockey was able to walk to an ambulance under his own power.

“He said he just felt light-headed,” Sharper added.

Doctors have not informed the team on when Shockey will be released from the hospital.  The last time he went to the hospital for non-football related reasons was last year when Shockey passed out from dehydration while partying in Las Vegas.

The former University of Miami standout had completed three days of off-season workouts at the Saints training facility.

Shockey eased the concern of Saints fans after posting a message on twitter saying, “I am ok, thanks to everyone who has shown their concern don’t worry about me I will be fine. WHO DAT!!”

Saints coach Sean Payton was not concerned about the progress of his tight end after speaking with doctors Thursday afternoon.

“I talked to Jeremy from the hospital, and the good news is he’s feeling better and everything looks real good,” Payton said. “He’ll likely finish up his tests and spend the night in the hospital. They don’t know if it was dehydration or what. That’s what they’re going through right now. They just want to make sure it’s nothing more significant than that.”

During the Saints’ Super Bowl run, Shockey was an impact player.  In the playoffs Shockey had seven catches for 58 yards and two touchdowns.  His score slammed the door on the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV.

The Saints are one of the pre-season favorites to win Super Bowl XLV by USA Sportsbooks at +900.  It would be the second Super Bowl victory for the franchise in as many years.

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