Joe Montana Thinks Favre Just Playing Hookie With Vikings

March 17, 2010 – By John Ritter

Not that the football world is short of opinions on the Brett Favre saga, but Hall of Famer Joe Montana has an idea why the Minnesota Vikings quarterback continues to hold his cards as voluntary camp opens up.

It’s pretty simple, says Montana. He just doesn’t want to go.

“He says he’s not sure [about playing] because he doesn’t want to go to training camp. He’s smart,” Montana told ESPN, via ProFootballTalk. “I’m sure he already has that agreement with them. Nine chances out of 10 they already know and they’ve already had this whole conversation and they should just let everybody know because they know he’s going to come back.”

NFL Training Camp is credited as being the most grueling of all four major sports, with multiple practices in pads in the heat of summer. Many players tend to shy away from it at the end of their career, and even former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan admitted to holding the decision of his future until camp was over.

Favre struggled with retirement last off-season and waited until the pre-season began until he signed with the Vikings. Despite missing practice time, he ended up looking as fresh as he ever had, setting career-bests in yards and interceptions.

“It’s easy once you know an offense and have been there for so many years,” Montana said. “All you really need is a couple quarters in a game and to get hit a couple times to get back in tune. You can get a lot of the other stuff in practices. It’s just getting used to that movement and feel of the game. You can easily do it if you’ve played enough years.”

Montana believes that Favre could use that to his advantage by showing up, and instead asking coaches to use gentle hands.

“He knows he’s going to come back, but the reason they don’t say anything is because he doesn’t want to go through training camp,” Montana said. “If he didn’t have to go through training camp, his decision would already be made, but he should know by now going to training camp isn’t going to be hard. They’d never make it hard on him.”

It all amounts to nothing, really, because Minnesota will take him in whether he joins today or September 1st. With him, the Vikings’ passing game finally rivaled that of the late 90s, and are now a 12/1 favorite to win the Super Bowl, according to Bodog. Without him, options are down to Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels. And if they wish to even sniff the NFC Championship again, the current team will likely have to sweat out the summer without him.

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