Iowa Racing And Gaming Commission To Vote On Four New Casinos Proposal

May 13th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

For the last several months, Iowa Governor Chet Culver has been lobbying for approval by a panel of five individuals for four new casinos staged across four counties in the state.

The citizens of Iowa voted on the issue and have approved the concept, with the official green light yet to be given.

Culver said that the four counties, Lyon, Wester, Tama and Wapello would be the benficiary of hundreds of new jobs, as well as a significant jump in the local economy.

“During the past years I have talked with representatives of each of those communities about their desire to secure a gaming license and their frustration at being denied one by the Racing and Gaming Commission.” Culver remarked.

The vote for the proposal will take place on Thursday, May 13.

Culver estimates the economic impact of the new casinos to be around $250 million in economic stimulation.

Currently, the state of Iowa has 17 casinos that are licensed by the Racing and Gaming Commission.  The existing casinos are not in favor of the potential expansion, arguing that too much competition would not benefit the gaming community.  However, Culver said that competition is never bad thing, and encourages higher quality.

”Every county that has passed a referendum and received a gaming license, that argument can be made every single time,” Culver remarked. “For example, Osceola and Prairie Meadows, they could have argued that they were too close together, therefore one of those communities shouldn’t have a license. Well, they let the people win in terms of responding to the local referendum decision.”

The Iowa Racing and Gaming commission vote will be announced immediately following the decision.

While Iowa Online Casinos do not necessarily effect the economic activity spurred by the casinos, they help generate an interest in the gaming industry as the state looks to expand.

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