Tom Brady Cites “Lack Of Trust” Last Season In New England

May 12th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The New England Patriots made an early first-round playoff exit last season at the hands of a Baltimore Ravens team that blew them out.

The team walked off disappointed, and quarterback Tom Brady offered up some of his own conclusions as to what he felt went wrong with last year’s team.  Brady cited “lack of trust, lack of confidence” on the 2009-10 Patriots team.

New England struggled to finish out games last season, getting outscored 94-38 in the second half during the six losses that they endured.  Even more concerning was the team’s road record.  While boasting an undefeated record at home, they were a mere 2-6 on the road.

“When it comes down to it, games that we lose in the fourth quarter, games that we lose in the second half, or losing on the road like we did, that can be lack of trust, lack of confidence,” Brady said in an interview with a local Boston sports radio show “There are a lot of issues you have when that repeats itself time and time again over the course of the season.”

Evidence of problems came to the forefront of headlines when at several junctures throughout the season, head coach Bill Belichick sent players home from practice for arriving late, that included Randy Moss.

“Coach [Bill Belichick] always used the words ‘mentally tough’ to us. I always agree with him. When the going got tough, we didn’t get going. We weren’t really a mentally tough team last year. I think that’s been a big point of emphasis this offseason. Hopefully we find ways to address it with each other and also with Coach bringing in different players and to see if they can bring a little bit of that to our team,” Brady said.

Brady will have a new target to throw to this upcoming season, in veteran Torry Holt.  Brady discussed a conversation that he and Holt had upon the receiver arrival to New England.

“We were talking about some of the Rams teams he played on and he said, ‘You know, we just had a lot of great guys on the team,’ ” Brady recounted. “My comment to him was that ‘to me, that’s the only way.’ Playing with a bunch of guys that you really don’t enjoy spending time with, that doesn’t last very long.”

In spite of a disappointing last season, USA Online Sportsbooks believe that the Patriots will rebound, as they have been installed as a betting favorite to win Super Bowl XLV.

During the interview, Brady discussed several topics from spanning family and football.  The conversation then turned to the New Orleans Super Bowl triumph over Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.

“I like Peyton a lot. He’s a guy I’ve watched over the years and just always admired the way that he plays. His style of play is very much my style of play, so I can understand what he’s looking at and why he’s doing the things he’s doing.  I don’t know what happened between he and Reggie [Wayne] there at the end, but I couldn’t imagine that Peyton thought he would stop running the route either. Reggie is a great player and obviously there was just a miscommunication between the two of them which happens when you have little option routes like it looks like they had there.”

“I felt bad because I never like seeing that happen to a quarterback, because I know how that feels. It feels pretty [expletive], especially to have it happen in a Super Bowl.”

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