Private, High Roller Casinos May Come To Delaware

May 8th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

Delaware has been rising in terms of gambling options, but a new bill would open doors to a whole new level of casino gaming in the state. A bill has been authored for the Delaware House that would legalize private gambling clubs for high rolling gamblers.

The bill would open the doors for private clubs to hold no more than 5,000 members, charging a minimum fee of $10,000 for membership. These high rolling establishments will hold the parlay sports betting system and table games, but slot machines will not be incorporated into these exclusive casinos.

The casino, according to Karl Agne of Delaware Development Associates, would require a membership fee as well as yearly dues, and would operate like a country club. No free incentives would be delivered through their gaming establishment.

Opposition has given the same argument that was put forth when more casinos were set to be added to Delaware’s gaming market. The primary argument is the opinion that there are too many casinos already, and adding more could spread revenue too thin, thus harming the existing casinos. This would also take money away from those casinos that are currently hosting the high rollers.

Casino expansion is rapidly growing in Delaware, and table games are set to be established in the state. These table games are anticipated in the next few months, and will be rivaled by those added to Pennsylvania’s casinos.

Delaware online casinos are currently providing all of the table games that are set to be incorporated. The stakes at these casinos would also accommodate high rollers, without the need of membership fees or dues.

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