Macau Casino Revenue Increases, Grows 70% From Last Year

May 7th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

Macau’s gambling industry has been expanding exponentially, with revenue reports showing positive results consistently over the months. The most recent reports have shown that Macau’s rambling revenue has erupted more than 70 percent from the year previous, destroying the previous year’s record for April.

The Royal Bank of Scotland has reported that revenue ran to 14.1 billion patacas, or $1.76 billion dollars. Macau’s expanding gambling market had previously held a record of 14 billion patacas. The region continues to be the largest gambling market in the world, as well as the fastest growing.

Macau’s gambling industry has expanding over the past few years, to the point where Macau has become known as the East Las Vegas. When travel restrictions from mainland China, the industry continued to grow exponentially. Many Las Vegas casino giants have been considering and even acting upon a transition to Macau.

While the eastern gambling haven of Macau continues to grow, the United States casino gambling industry has begun to fall short. Many of the casino operators in the nation have been encountering trouble, especially the two major hubs – Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Smaller gambling locations in the states have been profiting. Pennsylvania is amongst these profiting locations.

Macau and the United States share a similar outlook on online casinos, as neither of the provinces have yet to regulate and tax the industry. The best USA casinos do still operate within the United States, as online casino restrictions are less tight in the United States than they are in China. China continues to crack down on online casinos on a regular basis.

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