Poor Performances And Other Factors Contributing To American Idol Slipping In TV Ratings

May 6th, 2010 – by Bonnie

American Idol has been one of the most watched reality shows since it first started back in 2002. The show has received strong rating and has been rated number one for that particular time slot time and time again. But over the years, America has fell in love with reality television, and the competition for holding the number one spot has grown more intense. It has recently been reported that the American Idol ratings have dropped a whopping 17% in compared to viewers this same week in 2009. Even the results show, which seems to be what viewers really care about, has dropped 10% compared to 2009.

Some sources say that American Idol has lost its appeal to America and in fact is expected to not hold a candle against the new number one reality show, Dancing With The Stars. American Idol Tuesday and Wednesday night episodes still hold the number two and three slot for that time slot, but Dancing With The Stars is the new fan favorite reality show and will probably continue to be in the weeks to come.

American Idol has taken a different approach to things this season, and some viewers feel as if it has lost its entertainment level. Their were many very talented contestants this season but when it comes down to it, America has become board with the top five and the show as a whole.

Each week  the judges tell the contestants to take the song and make it their own, but then they put limitations on the contestants and wonder why they fall short time after time. This week’s performances came from the song book of music legend Frank Sinatra. While some performances were bearable, most deserved a flip of the channel only moments into the song. Harry Connick Jr. was the mentor this week. Besides giving constructive criticism to the contestants during their one on one sessions, he was also in charge of arranging the songs how he saw fit. Does that really allow the contestants to make it their own as the judges have instructed them to do?

America Idol is falling into the shadows of other reality series, and they only have themselves to blame. The pre-recorded group performances, as well as the mentoring they could sometimes do with out, is not allowing the contestants to shine like an American Idol star should, and may be the very reason they are losing their fan base.

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