PokerStars Running Qualifiers For “The Big Game” To Be Shown On National Television

May 6th, 2010 – by Bonnie

With America being in love with reality television, and poker being one of the most common forms of entertainment, PokerStars has decided to combine the two. The PokerStars Big Game takes the game of poker to a new level. This high stakes poker cash game is new to the airwaves and being shown nationally. PokerStars wants every player to have the same chance to make an appearance on the show, which is why they are offering free Big Game qualifier tournaments, taking place now.

For poker players that hold skills good enough to be noticed, PokerStars will mark them as a Loose Cannon and offer a seat at a high-stakes cash game, which will take place in Las Vegas. PokerStars will even provide the players with $100,000 to face off against some of the biggest names in poker. Any profit that comes of this high-stakes game, is the players to keep.

PokerStars has opened up a series of free-to-enter Big Game Round 1 tournaments, which actually began on March 26th and will run through June 25th. These qualifying tournaments take place four times a day. PokerStars will advance the top 300 players from each round 1 qualifier into round 2, where players must place in the top 1000 in order to be taken to the finals.

These tournaments will be like none ever entered before and the battle to make it to the finals will test every poker skill one thinks they may poses. This is the chance for poker players to make it big and PokerStars wants to be the one to take them there. USA Online Poker players that only dreamed of making it along side of some of the best poker players in the world only need to make it through a few qualifying rounds in order to make that dream a reality.

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