Anti-Gambling Task Force’s Fate Up To Alabama Supreme Court

March 16th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The Governor’s Task Force on Anti-Gambling has been a subject of heavy debate in Alabama, as the force has operated almost unfettered over the past several months. Multiple of the bingo halls in the state have been targeted, with shut downs, lost liquor licenses, and unemployment becoming great problems. While most of these problems have been alleviated, the affects of each shut down have run deep. Now the future of this task force is up to the Alabama Supreme Court to decide.

The decision that is to be made is over the Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson, the current leader of the task force. The Alabama Supreme Court will have to decide over whether or not Tyson has the authority over any county in the state, or simply Mobile County.

Circuit Judge Tom Young had ruled that Tyson’s power is limited to Mobile County. Due to this news, VictoryLand, the largest casino in Macon County, reopened their bingo hall. They had initially closed down to prevent any raids. The reopening came with a price though – for their safety, VictoryLand turned in their liquor licensing. Holding an alcohol license would subject the bingo hall to inspections without a warrant.

Tyson appealed to the Alabama supreme Court in order to to continue his investigations into the potentially criminal gambling schemes. He argues that the Supreme Court has made it clear that a civil court ruling cannot be used to interfere with a criminal investigation.

Currently, Alabama Online Gambling is still a viable option for those with an Internet connection and will to gamble from their homes. The Governor’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling cannot interdict this form of gambling, as it has not yet been regulated or centralized within the United States.

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