Rains Drown Out Tennessee, And Titans Facilities

May 4th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The Tennessee Titans are fresh off the 2010 NFL Draft and eager to prepare for the upcoming NFL season during off-season workouts and training camp.  However, there is a problem.

Rain, and a lot of it.

Tennessee is in the midst of the worst floods in the area in several decades.

“It’s devastating,” remarked head coach Jeff Fisher. “I can’t describe to you the amount of rain that fell here for two days. It was 16, 18 inches in downtown Nashville, in less than a 48-hour period. It was unbelievable.”

“I think it’s important to point out that we in the Titans organization were very, very fortunate,” Fisher added. “I heard from the office of emergency management that this is epic in terms of a disaster for middle Tennessee. It’s really tragic. There are people who are stranded, who have lost their homes, lost everything.”

“The incredible thing is that so many people have gone and helped. They’ve thrown their boats into the water and just went and rescued people, all day long. It has been a tremendous effort.”

On Monday afternoon Fisher was able to navigate his way to the facility, but could not get to LP Field, home of the Titans, as the surrounding area continues to be under water.

The complex continues to remain closed through Tuesday.

Tennessee drafted defensive end Derrick Morgan with the 16th overall selection in the first round of the draft.  Some other notable draft selections include Rennie Curran of Georgia, who went in the third round and Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle, in the sixth round.

The rookies will be eager to get their NFL careers underway, but their stadium continues to flood.

“It was crazy,” remarked Dave McGinnis, Titan linebacker coach. “Just an unprecedented amount of water. I’ve been through a storm or two, but nothing like this. Jeff and I were in there yesterday, and there were fish swimming in the team parking lot. Some pretty good sized carp, too. We walked across the street to look at that levee, and it was scary how fast that river was running. It was definitely a force of nature not to be fooled with.”

“When the electricity went off, the pumps went off, and the field filled immediately with four to six feet of water,” Fisher remarked. “The service level has water in it. I’ve not been down there, but our locker room is slightly elevated, so there’s a chance it’s not under water. But there’s just no place for all the water to go. Not until the river recedes. And the thing is, it’s gorgeous today (Monday). Not a cloud in the sky. It’s the best day we’ve had all spring.”

The Titans sport 28/1 odds on USA Online Sportsbooks to win Super Bowl XLV, behind quarterback Vince Young and running back Chris Johnson, who rushed for over 2000 yards on the year in 2009.

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