Floyd Mayweather And Shane Mosley Not Afraid To Talk Before Title Fight

April 30th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley will meet center ring on Saturday night for the welterweight championship of the world.  Mayweather brings his unblemished 40-0 record while Mosley boasts a 46-5 career mark.

While Mayweather has proclaimed himself as the best fighter of all time, critics of his cite his opponents, or lack there of.  They say that while he may very be one of the best, the depth of fighters in today’s world is a far cry from yesteryear.

“I got respect for Sugar Ray Robinson. I’ve got respect for Muhammad Ali,” Mayweather remarked. “But I’m a man just like they’re men. I put on my pants just like they put on their pants. What makes them any better than I am? Because they fought a thousand fights? In my era, it’s totally different, you know? It’s pay-per-view now, so things change. It’s out with the old and in with the new. Things change.

“Like I said, Muhammad Ali is one hell of a fighter. But Floyd Mayweather is the best. Sugar Ray Robinson is one hell of a fighter, but Floyd Mayweather is the best.”

The fight between Mayweather and Mosley will take place at 9pm Est at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and is $54.95 on Pay-Per-View.

“He had to fight somebody if he wanted to be considered the best,” remarked Mosley, who is a two-time welterweight belt holder.

Mayweather simply responds that just because he dominates his opponent, it does not necessarily mean a weaker field of fighters.

“When I fight guys who they say will give me a tough fight, I can’t help that the fight is so one-sided the fight is boring. That’s not my fault,” Mayweather said. “It’s just that I’m that good. That’s not my fault. You got some fighters that’s talented. You got some fighters that are God-gifted. You got some athletes that’s God-gifted. I just happen to be one of those athletes that’s God-gifted. That’s no different than Kobe Bryant or LeBron James.”

Talking before a fight is uncharacteristic for Mosley, but he did not hesitate in jawing back at Mayweather.

“He’s fought lightweights and junior welters who move up to the welterweight division,” Mosley remarked. “The guys I fight jump into the ring [at] 172 [pounds]. The guys he fights jump into the ring 145.”

“As a welterweight, he hasn’t fought another top welterweight, and I’m the first one that’s he fought … so it makes the fight a big fight,” Mosley stated. “All the other guys have not really been the best, if you will. There are a lot of great welterweights out there that he could have chosen to fight instead of fighting the ones that he fought.”

USA Online Sportsbooks favor the undefeated Mayweather to take this match up, as he is installed at -450, while Mosley sits at +300.

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