Pennsylvania Gaming Board Places Foxwoods Casino In Dire Straits

April 30th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The Foxwoods Casino, which was set to be established in Philadelphia, has been encountering trouble establishing the venue. The staff of the board has recently petitioned to begin the process of revoking the license that the Foxwoods group currently holds.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has asserted that the Foxwoods license is not going to disappear entirely, as negotiations may continue to keep the gambling deal together. The Gaming Control Board hopes to erect a new plan that would be agreeable for both sides.

Deadlines and delays are all that the Foxwoods group has encounter. The Gaming Control Board had allowed Foxwoods clemency through many of the deadlines imposed, and fines had also been collected. Despite the tariffs paid, the Foxwoods project still remains threatened.

The big problems had been over location and opposition. Several locations had been planned, but the pressure applied from opponents to the casino had ultimately prevailed. The original location for the casino had once again become reality. The casino, if it were to be established, would be located in southern Philadelphia.

Even if the license were to be revoked, it would not happen for months on end.

Despite the trouble the Foxwoods casino has been contending with, the remaining casinos in Pennsylvania have been flourishing. Revenue is up almost all across the board, and the slot casinos are soon to see table games. Pennsylvania’s thriving casino industry has grown to the extent where some are stating that Pennsylvania casinos are causing those in Atlantic City to have lower revenue.

The best online casinos have yet to see regulation by the Pennsylvania state government.

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