Delaware Casino Vote Expected Before Easter

March 15th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

The prospect of adding casinos to Delaware has long been in the works. After the inception of sports betting, all be it watered down, other gambling options had been considered and casino gambling was amongst the favored forms. The possibility of new casinos now comes down to the wire, as lawmakers are being drawn to the vote.

Within the next three weeks, the legislation that would allow more casinos within the state is set to be voted upon. Currently, the only casino gaming in Delaware is found through three of the racetracks found through the state. These facilities, albeit somewhat limited, remain the only choice for casino gaming outside of Delaware online casinos within the state.

The bill needs 21 votes to pass from the House to the Senate. Sponsored by the Democratic House Majority Leader, Pete Schwartzkopf, the bill is likely to receive these votes. What will happen to the legislation in the senate, however, is still an unknown.

The specifics of the bill state that public selection will determine the addition of new casinos. The vote to pass the bill in the House will “likely” be held before the two-week Easter break. This is the second attempt to add casinos to Delaware over the past year, as Governor Jack Markell had also tried his hand at establishing a new set of gaming centers within the state. Currently, Delaware online casinos are the best choice for player who wish to gamble through any form of casino game.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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