2010 U.S Open To Be Broadcast In Prime-Time At Pebble Beach

April 19th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The 2010 U.S Open will be held at Pebble Beach for the first time since 2000, when Tiger Woods won in record-fashion by 15-shots to capture his first U.S Open title.  This year, the tournament has been given a later prime-time slot on the east coast, with coverage slated to end at 11 pm.

The tournament begins on June 17 and concludes on the father’s day, June 20, as per tradition.

This will be the second time that the U.S Open will conclude in prime-time television coverage, with the first back in 2008.  That year, the tournament was held at Torrey Pines, also in California.  Then, television coverage concluded at 10 pm Est during the third round, and 9pm Est on Sunday.

That year however, Woods and Rocco Mediate competed in an 18-hole playoff on the following Monday.  Woods won on the 91st hole.

“Playing the Open on the West Coast in June allows us to showcase this championship in prime time,” remarked Dick Ebersol, who is the chairman of NBC Universal Sports. “It should make for a great Father’s Day weekend with the best golfers in the world competing on one of golf’s most picturesque courses in prime time.”

The U.S Open is one of the most widely televised tournaments in the world, and will bring fans more than 30 hours of live coverage.  When compared to the 2010 Masters, that offered 15 hours of coverage, the U.S Open will feature more than twice the coverage.

“Providing primetime coverage of the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach on NBC and ESPN gives the entire nation immediate access to the drama of our national golf championship,” stated USGA president Jim Hyler of the 2010 tournament. “This up-to-the-minute window elevates the experience of the U.S. Open at one of golf’s most beautiful and challenging venues.”

In addition to new television coverage, USGA Officials have made some minor changes to several holes on the golf course.

“Pebble Beach’s difficulty during the past Opens has had to do with the course’s firmness, its small greens and the almost always present wind,” said Mike Davis who is the USGA senior director of rules and competition. “For those three reasons, there’s little reason to change from the past.”

The weather has been a prominent factor during the U.S Open’s that have been contended at Pebble Beach, with windy days and sporadic rains.

“Why is Pebble beach so hard?” Davis remarked. “You have almost guaranteed firm conditions because it doesn’t rain at that time of the year and you’re not going to go four days without wind.”

For the tournament, Woods has been set as the betting favorite to win the 2010 U.S Open on USA Online Sportsbooks, with Masters champion Phil Mickelson second in line.

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