American Idol Betting Odds Showing Crystal A Top Pick To Win Season 9

April 17th, 2010 – Written By Bonnie

American Idol Season 9 has been an interesting one thus far and it will only continue to get more exciting as we get one step closer to crowning the next American Idol. We have seen some of the contestants slipping in the past few weeks, which is a dangerous spot to be in as the competition closes in. Contestants seem too sure of themselves sometimes and completely out of focus at others. At this stage in the competition, it is very important for the contestants to know where their they stand as a performer and fight each week to give a “star” like performance. After all, it could very well be the next performance that makes or breaks them in the competition.

The contestants are not the only ones who have lost focus. Tuesday night, Ryan Seacrest’s behavior can be summed up in one word, bizarre. He seemed a little off his game as well and not only made inappropriate remarks to last week’s mentor and last seasons runner up, Adam Lambert. He also took away focus from the contestants by stealing his solo performance with the audience member during Tim Urban’s performance. The media is brushing it off as over worked and lack of sleep, but fans have other ideas of why his behavior was off the wall this past week.

Everyone on American Idol has their moments, both good and bad, but the ones that need to be remembered by America are the performances that make us go WOW, in a good way, and we have not seen a lot of that lately. We have our consistent contestants which are right up to par week after week, but never really push past that point. And then you have your contestants that are slowly taking themselves out of the spotlight, which can only lead to an ended journey on American Idol, much like Andrew and Katie.

Online sportsbooks have been following American Idol since season 9 began and have kept up with the favorites through entertainment betting lines. Online bettors can take a different approach to voting on their favorite American Idol contestant by placing a wager using American Idol Betting odds found at almost every online sportsbook.

Aaron Kelly  +4000
Casey James +250
Crystal Bowersox even
Lee Dewyze +250
Michael Lynche     +1200
Siobhan Magnus     +800
Tim Urban     +10000

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One Response to “American Idol Betting Odds Showing Crystal A Top Pick To Win Season 9”
  1. soda Says:

    Just the fact that Casey James is more likely to win than Siobhan shows tone deaf twennie boppers are voting in full force. I could understand Lee, but Casey drifts a bit off key now and then. Siobhan had one off night, but that was it. Casey is a limited, and admitted, one trick pony. Also the fact that Crystal is the 100% choice for winner shows not musical listening ability in the viewers, but that like good little sheep they follow the media hype. Crystal is good, but not THAT good that there should be no more questions of who should be winner.

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