Florida Senate Passes Seminole Gambling Bill, Sends to House For Approval

April 16th, 2010 – by Glen Farmer

With the pace of a cheetah, the gambling bill had passed through Florida’s Senate with a large margin of victory. An easy vote had moved the bill forward, passing the legislation through the senate in a 29-9 majority.

The House is expected to vote on the bill next week. Provided the House is as agreeable as the senate, the vote should move forward quickly and quietly, without fuss, and sent to the desk of Charlie Crist, who has already essentially given his approval.

The Florida gambling bill is set to make some of the games already operating legal. Blackjack tables will enjoy a regulated environment, but the real surprise comes to the fact that other table games will be included. Players may be able to see table games found in Vegas, other than roulette and craps.

The state also intends to see big gains on generated revenue, as over $400 million is expected to be infused directly into the state’s coffers. Furthermore, at least $1 billion dollars in revenue is expected over the next five years. Slot revenue will also be shared for the next twenty years.

It is expected that the House will begin to vote on Monday. Provided all goes well in the House, Governor Crist could be signing the legislation into effect by early next week.

The culmination of the gambling debate in Florida has been long anticipated, as the some of the games had been technically illegal for sometime. Furthermore, the state needed this compact in order to fully realize the earning potential of the gambling tax.

Even if the bill does fail, no taxes will be collected from Florida online gambling. Federal regulatory statutes are required in order to bring this regulation into the legal limelight.

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