Gambling Raids Continue Against Internet Cafes In Florida

April 15th, 2010 – by Glen

Over the past year, a large number of Internet Cafes have been shut down for offering illegal gambling in Florida. Three cafes have recently been busted in the Ocala region on Wednesday morning.

The simultaneous raids against each of the three cafes were enacted Wednesday morning by the Multi-Agency Drug Enforcement Team. According to reports, Gator Cafe II, Marion Internet Services Inc., and CyberZone Cafe were all shut down.

Undercover agents from the Marion County Sheriff and the Ocala Police had been investigation the cyber cafes because of complaints from citizens, according to a statement by Sgt. Angy Scroble.

Search warrants were served and arrests were made. Possession of gambling devices, conducting an illegal lottery, and keeping a gambling house are the charges listed.

Some of the accused are also facing charges of possession of a coin operated device.

A customer had reported to the Star-Banner that when purchasing access cards that she had received two – one with the name of the Internet cafe, Gator Cafe II, and one with Deuces Wild emblazoned on the card. Each card could, she stated, be used to play different games. Cash pay outs were also available.

Throughout the locations, twenty-five Vegas style slots and over 90 computers were used to play the games at Gator Cafe II.

Through all of the locations, over 120 computers had been seized.

In some states, these sort of sweepstakes Internet Cafes are legal, though this is a form of illegal gambling in the state of Florida. Florida online gambling is open to residents of this state. Unfortunately, a regulatory body has been introduced. Gambling legislation is currently a hot topic the state of Florida, though online gambling still remains off the ballot.

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