Kyle Orton Ready To Lead Denver Broncos

April 6th, 2010-  By Bryan Cross

The addition of Brady Quinn can only help the success of the Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton believes, despite the fact that he will have new competition for his position in training camp.

Orton however, does not plan on starting the 2010 NFL season on the bench.

Since the March 14 deal that sent Quinn from the Cleveland Browns to Denver, Orton had remained silent on the issue.  Tuesday, Orton that his head coach Josh McDaniels still intends to have him start.

Rather than perceive it as a quarterback controversy or competition, Orton wants to just get better in a new offensive system for which he has only a year’s worth of experience under.

“Him coming in hasn’t changed my work ethic, hasn’t changed my approach to this season,” Orton said. “I knew we had to get better as an offense, and there’s no way we’re going to do that if I’m not here.”

Last year, Orton was brought to Denver by a trade that sent Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears.  Orton tabbed 3,802 yards passing and 21 touchdowns en route to a 6-0 start to the year.

However, they hit speed bumps along the way as the Broncos finished the year 8-8, and failed to make the playoffs.

“There’s things that I got to do to improve, obviously, or we would have been in the playoffs last year,” Orton stated.

Among those improvements that need to be made include leadership, and decision making, while not forcing throws, and being a better game manager.

“I think I can take my leadership to a whole new level,” Orton remarked. “I think to have a great offense, you’ve got to have a guy that demands it from everybody, starting with himself. I demand perfection out of my play and I’m going to expect that from everybody else on our offense, as well. So, I think that’s my main goal.”

“And second, just take this offense to a whole new level, whether it’s at the line of scrimmage, whether it’s making the plays down the field, whether it’s making something out of a busted play. Whatever it is, just make sure we get into the end zone when we need to get into the end zone.”

Upon acquiring Quinn, McDaniels placed a phone call to Orton assuring him that the starting quarterback position will not be open-season entering training camp, and that Orton was for all intents and purposes the starter.

“I told him I’ve never backed down from competition and it really won’t change my mindset going into the season at all,” Orton said.

But Orton said that it felt good that McDaniels came to him like that.

“I feel like I had a good year last year and I’m going to have an even better year this year,” Orton said. “The more you can be around guys and the more you can be that guy and have everybody looking to you, the easier it is.”

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