North Carolina Governor Considering Video Gambling Expansion

February 10th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

Gambling is how many states have been invigorating their economies, and North Carolina may become the next state to incorporate gambling as a new form of revenue. North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue has recently announced that she will consider expanding the legal forms of gambling in the state.

Perdue, in interviews, has not been outspoken against requesting the legislature make video poker machines legal once more. She has, however, suggested heavy regulation in order to maintain safety and transparency in the games.

There has been much debate over gambling in the state, particularly over the sweepstakes gambling parlors that had been debated. Proponents and opponents to this form of gambling have both spoken out against reintegrating video gambling.

Video gambling has been suggested as a way to solve the budget shortfall that is anticipated at approximately $3 billion next year.

“I’m looking at the numbers. I’m looking at whether we can do it safely. I do not wan to become the gambling state of America. I don’t want to be Las Vegas. But I am concerned, and I continue to be concerned, that video poker – it’s just been hard to kill,” stated Perdue in December.

Like online gambling, video gambling in North Carolina is partially in a grey area in terms of legality.

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