Bodog Poker To Block Poker Data Mining Sites

February 9th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

Many online poker players have turned to databases, data mining, and heads up displays that show information surrounding a player’s play style, essentially taking the mystique out of how a player uses certain hands. Bodog is set to take steps to block these data mining services from creating databases for players.

In a nutshell, these sites and services collect information on how players play their hands. Those who use this data can essentially learn how a player uses a particular hand, taking the unpredictability and mystery out of the equation. The information will show betting trends and how players act with each hand recorded.

Some say this is completely unfair, as it goes against the game of poker. Bodog is set to take steps to stop this sort of thing from going on, all to preserve the general nature of poker.

In Bodog’s press release, Patrik Selin stated that “These poker operator information portals are another example of how online poker is assisting in its own demise. I have commented previously on how the operators are doing this to themselves with hand histories, HUDs, and rake back, all of which we will be cutting out.”

Bodog will be implementing security measures to prevent these services from accessing the data of each hand, saying that those who are playing for fun will likely not use these services, not benefit from them.

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