Norm MacDonald Lands Spot On High Stakes Poker, Replaces Gabe Kaplan

February 8th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

High Stakes Poker, GSN’s poker television show, his set to undergo some serious changes. Not the least of these changes is the host – Gabe Kaplan will be stepping down from the series, and will be replaced by Norm MacDonald.

Mixed reviews have come about over Kaplan leaving the show, which was decided on by the network rather than the show’s production team. How this will affect is unknown, but Norm MacDonald will likely change the show nearly entirely.

While MacDonald has been widely under appreciated by many comedy enthusiasts, he has lent his esoteric talent to many affairs, ranging from political events to celebrity roasts, but he is most well known for his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Another major change, in addition to the lose of Gabe Kaplan, is the lack of a wide number of major players that had made regular appearances on the show. Full Tilt’s poker players will not be present during the upcoming season of High Stakes Poker. Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, and Eli Elezra will not be making another appearance on High Stakes Poker, which has come as a sad note to many players, especially those who enjoyed the clashing of Ivey of Dwan.

MacDonald’s appearance on the show will likely change the entire dynamic of High Stakes Poker. It is expected that MacDonald will make the show’s commentary more about comedy than analysis of the hands.

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