Sports Gambling Ends Well For Both Sides Of A Super Bowl Bet

February 8th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

The Super Bowl is well known for its large number of proposition bets, and one bet in particular attracted some controversy through online sportsbooks. The length of the National Anthem, as performed by Christina Aguilera, had attracted a fair degree of controversy due to the length of time it took the performer to sing her song., one of the oldest sports gambling sites, had issued an over/under line on how long the Star Spangled Banner would take to perform. had placed the over/under at 1:54, and the timing had cut it close – timed her at both 1:53 and 1:54. Backed by the fact that Aguilera had botched the song, bettors has a legitimate complaint over the betting line.

In order to avoid complaints, has proven that they truly care about the customer. The sports betting site has decided to pay both sides of the bet, making everyone who took part in this line a winner. is regularly showing their players that they have a commitment to their gamers. Their paying both sides of the bet has proven that they are more about the player than their profits.

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