Atlantic City Lacks Luster Through Weekend Without Sports Gambling

February 6th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

The need for sports gambling in Atlantic City has been highlighted this weekend above any other. Atlantic City simply cannot compete with Las Vegas or, to a lesser extent, Delaware due to the fact that New Jersey is not amongst those states that are exempt from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

Atlantic City’s gambling revenue has been dropping off ever since 2006, and has declined over 30 percent ever since. Regulators, legislators, and casino operators have been working hard in order to reinvigorate the gambling industry in the state, but efforts have proven in vain. One avenue of new revenue that has not yet been explored, though it has been debated, is that of sports gambling.

Legislators in Atlantic City have been considering filing a suit against the federal government in order to have New Jersey added to the list of states that are allowed to operate sports gambling regimes. Oregon, Nevada, Montana, and Delaware are the only states in the nation that are entitled to operate sports gambling businesses in a land based gambling center, but only Delaware and Nevada have taken advantage of this ability.

While gamblers will flock to Nevada in order to partake in the sports gambling, few tourists are likely to travel to Atlantic City over the Super Bowl weekend. In order to compensate, many casinos are likely to offer their players free prizes and cash giveaways in order to bring more players into the casinos.

Unfortunately, the lack of sports gambling in the state of New Jersey is likely to continue harming the region. Players will soon be treated, however, to online gambling that is regulated by the state.

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