Hacker Arrested For Stealing Online Poker Chips – From Zynga

February 3rd, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

A man in England has recently been arrested over and accused of stealing poker chips. The poker chips he had allegedly stolen came from Zynga Poker, a hit game that allows players to play free poker.

Since the game of Zynga poker is played for free, with chips having no real money value when being won or lost, the theft of these chips seems counter intuitive. In reality, many players will actually purchase chips from Zynga in order to have more leeway when it comes to playing. Commercially available from Zynga, these chips can be purchased for varying prices.

Ashley Mitchell, 29, of Paignton, England, admitted to the crime of breaking into the Zynga Corporation’s network to steal 400 billion chips. If sold commercially, the chips would have been worth $12,000,000 through Zynga.

Mitchell ended up selling some of these essentially worthless chips for approximately 53,000 GBP, or $85,950 American dollars.

Mitchell could end up serious facing serious jail time, as he was already sitting on a suspended sentence for a similar, albeit unrelated crime.

Some real money online poker players have called into question whether or not a real money poker room could be hacked, but the simple fact is that Zynga’s security measures are not as tight as a real money poker room’s.

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