Online Gambling Likely To Slow After Super Bowl Weekend

January 31st, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

Around the world, the Super Bowl is one of the most bet on sporting events. Especially in the United States, the Super Bowl is heavily wagered on. With the big game right around the corner, online gambling sites, particularly online sportsbooks, are beginning to pick up a heavy amount of new bettors, as well as bettors who are coming back with the sole intent of wagering on the game.

Studies show that approximately over $100 million was wagered on the Super Bowl in 2010, with approximately $82.7 million going to gambling dens in Nevada. A wealth of money had gone to online gambling sites offering sports betting, which helps increase the overall popularity of these wagering sites. It has been suggested that not even 2 percent of all wagering on the Super Bowl occurred in Nevada’s gambling locations, which leaves a large amount of money to online sportsbooks.

USA Online Gambling sites are expected to pull in a large number of new members that are looking to wager on this major event. Online sportsbooks are expected to thrive over the next few weeks, culminating on Super Bowl Sunday.

A large number of betting lines are available in the online sportsbooks, ranging from straight wagers to pop bets. The wide range bets covers everything from the outcome of the game, but also the coin toss, the color of the gatorade dumped on the coach of the winning team, and many other bets following the game.

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