Isildur1 Shakes Up PokerStars Cash Tables

January 31st, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom only recently signed a deal with PokerStars, a deal that eventually outed his identity, but he is already shaking up the tables with more than his identity. Blom has recently proven his prowess in the cash games by taking on Daniel Cates, the young man who has been a strong force at the Full Tilt poker tables.

Blom and Cates have been playing high stakes games on a consistent basis, but the SuperStar Showdown on PokerStars brought the two to a set of cash games similar to that of the “durrrr challenge” – four tables of no-limit hold ’em at stakes of $50/$100. The heads up play between the two left Cates over $50,000 in the hole as he was crushed by is young Swedish adversary.

Thousands of hands took place over the night, and the young pros engaged in a roller coaster ride of trading chips. Blom’s chips had risen and fallen, even putting him over $20,000 in the hole before the night was over. With both players constantly shoving and calling, the chips would ultimately change hands on numerous occasions. With Daniel Negreanu spectating, Blom managed to pull back his chips and end up the winner.

Cates is no weak opponent, as he has been besting Tom “durrrr” Dwan in a similar fashion over at Full Tilt. Cates has Dwan down over $800,000 in the “durrrr” challenge, which has been inactive since early January.

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