Gambling Addiction Growing In Oklahoma

January 30th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

Oklahoma’s News On 6 has recently reported that gambling addiction is on the rise in the state of Oklahoma. According to the A Chance To Change foundation, which helps problem gamblers, the need for counselors has grown by 50 percent over the last year.

Pathological gambling is described by the Mayo Clinic as “the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite the toll it takes on your life. If you’re prone to compulsive gambling, you may continually chase bets, lie or hide your behavior, and resort to theft or fraud to support your addiction.”

The Mayo Clinic goes on to say that signs of compulsive gambling include gaining a thrill from big risks, taking bigger and bigger bets, a preoccupation with gambling, hiding gambling, and even criminal efforts to gamble.

A total of 110 casinos are in Oklahoma, which makes it one of the most casino populated states in the nation. While those who live closer to the casinos are more prone to compulsive gambling, it is a problem that could affect anyone.

Oklahomans who feel they have a problem with gambling, the A Chance to Change group has appointments for evaluations. Their website has a toll free number that can help people get the assistance they need. The Oklahoma Association For Problem and Compulsive Gambling is also available to help those in need.

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