Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Shows 2,000 Helped In Self Exclusion Program

January 28th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

Pennsylvania’s gambling industry has been increasing at an exponential rate, and the Commonwealth has been taking steps to give residents who suffer from pathological gambling to get their help. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has released data showing that the two thousandth self exclusion request.

Liz Lanza, director of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s Office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling, has announced that the milestone has been reached, and the four year old Self Exclusion Program has been proving fairly successful.

The Self Exclusion List bars players from entering any of the casinos in the state. The casinos would be forced to refuse wagers and deny gaming to these players. Check cashing privileges, player’s club membership, and complimentary promotions would all be declined to the people on the self exclusion list. Finally, the self excluded gamblers would also be subject to arrest and criminal trespassing charges should they enter the casino.

According to the statistics, the self-exclusion list includes 1,010 males and 990 females. A total of 54% chose a 1-year ban, 20% took a 5-year ban, and life time bans accounted for 26% of the self exclusions.

Caucasians accounted for 83.6% of the self-banned players. African Americans account for 9.3%, with Asian Americans and Hispanics taking 2.2- and 2.1% of the self exclusions respectively.

A total of 1,751 of the self excluded players came from Pennsylvania, while 114 came from New Jersey. A total of 18 states had been listed as primary residence.

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