Alexander Kuzmin Wins World Poker Tour Southern Poker Championship

January 28th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

The World Poker Tour’s Southern Poker Championship has come to an end. The winner has been declared, and Alexander Kuzmin managed to maintain his chip lead through out the day.

Kuzmin went into the day with 1,969,000 chips, or 197 big blinds. Allen Carter was shortly behind him, but Carter failed to come climb above Kuzmin’s chip stack.

The final table got a slightly delayed start, but the first to fall went out the door in only 14 hands. Ryan Hughes was busted out in 6th place. He will take $89,375 for his efforts, but this is far from the major prize that was available.

It took a total of 222 hands for Kuzmin to outplay his opposition. Leif Force was his second place runner up. The two played out sixty hands before the end of the day.

Allen Carter, Shannon Shorr, Pat Mahoney, and Ryan Hughes took the third through sixth position respectively.

The final hand came down with Kuzmin moving all in and Force making the call. Kuzmin shoved with Kd-4s, while Force made the call with Jc-9c. The board ran Qd-5c-4d-3h-2c, which gave Kuzmin the pot – and the tournament – with a pair of fours.

Kuzmin took $601,469 for his efforts, while Force earned $315,790 for taking second place.

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