South Carolina Gambling Debate Heats Up As Senate Panel Approves Legislation

January 26th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

Legislation that would provide relaxed restrictions on gambling in South Carolina has made its first real step toward being legalized. The legislation would allow limited forms of gambling to take place in private venues.

The issue of home gambling became more prominent when a raid took place against a home in Mount Pleasant a few years ago. The raid prompted legislators to consider the law established back in 1802 that literally bans any game involving cards or dice. Legislators have come forward to change the law under the logic that the state government has no right to determine what private citizens are allowed to do in their own home.

“We’ve got a group of convoluted laws where we’re trying to reach in and control people’s lives,” stated Senate president Pro Tem Glenn McConnell.

Opponents have already come out to speak against the law that would allow citizens of South Carolina to gamble in their homes. Loopholes and unlimited betting sizes have prompted slight fear in those who would oppose a gambling expansion in the state of South Carolina.

The gambling bill would primarily be in place to allow private, home based poker games. “Kitchen table poker” is what is set to be allowed.

Fears of video poker returning to the state has also been announced by opposing groups, but legislators have made it a point to state that video poker is dead and gone; it shall not make a come back or return.

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