Less Than 20 Remain In Southern Poker Championship

January 26th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

The World Poker Tour’s first event in the new year had to contend with competition from the Aussie Millions over in the outback, but the event managed to attract enough people to create a prize pool of $2,011,600. A total of 214 players came out to the event, but only 19 remain going into the 4th day.

Many of the professional players that have come out to the event have already bit the dust, but a few are holding strong. Hoyt Corkins is still in the running, as is two time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Ryan Hughes. Hughes holds the chip lead going into day four, with almost 300,000 chips over his closet competition.

Ryan Hughes, Alexander Kuzmin, Shannon Shorr, Allen Carter, Otis Wright, Bobby Keller, and Vitor Coelho are in the top positions on the charts going into day four.

The Southern Poker Championship is larger this year than the year previous, albeit slightly. Six more players came out to the event this year than previous. Th Southern Poker Championship generally has a harder time attracting players, as the Aussie Millions Tournament usually takes precedent

After the Southern Poker Championship, the World Poker Tour will visit Venice for its next event. The Celebrity Invitational in Commerce, California will likely be a substantial event.

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