Day 1 Done For WPT Southern Poker Championship

January 24th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

The World Poker Tour’s stop in Mississippi initially brought 214 players out to participate in the event, but at the end of day 1 only 114 players remained in the event. Some major names were eliminated, including several winners from previous World Poker Tour events, but the list of remaining contestants is full of enough excitement to drive fans back to the stands.

At the end of day one, Bobby Keller held the first place position. He landed just above Gavin Smith. Keller held 179,025 chips, while Smith maintained a chip stack of 144,525. Joseph Cheong is also in the current top six.

Running down the line Jason Mercier, Hoyt Corkins, Eric Cloutier, Josh Arieh, Kara Scott, Nick Schulman, Scotty Nguyen, and several others.

Justin Scott, Matt Affleck, Matt Brady, Barry Shulman, Dwyte PIlgrim and Frank Kassela were amongst the fallen in the first day of this $9,700+$300 WPT title tournament.

The prize pool will give awards of $18,593 to $584,481, with the top five winners taking at least six figures for their efforts. The tournament will continue until January 27th, at which time the final table will be recorded for television.

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