Former Boss In Organized Crime Gets Green Light To Gamble

January 20th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

Atlantic City’s long standing policy against allowing those convicted over ties to organized crime has been circumvented by one former crime kingpin. The former boss of a Chinese street gang based out of New York has been given the go ahead to gamble in Atlantic City.

Robin Chee, former leader of “The Ghost Shadows,”was released in 2003 after spending time in prison for his connection to the gang. Chee was arrested in 1995 on racketeering charges, and his guilty plea brought him ten years in prison. Chee’s admission back in 1995 probably contributed to his being taken off of the forced exclusion list, but officials had also noted his good behavior since his release.

The New Jersey Casino Control Commission removed Chee from the list on Wednesday, after issuing a vote. Chee had begun working toward the removal since last year, and had represented himself in the original hearing.

Chee has, since his release, gotten a blue collar job at a New York computer company. His redemption in prison helped his case in attempting to rejoin the gambling industry in the state.

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