Six Figure Jackpot Paid In California Casino

January 19th, 2011 – by Glen Farmer

Progressive slots are widely considered one of the highest payouts available through a casino. A lucky winner in California can now attest to this, as she has won a substantial jackpot earlier in this month.

At the Red Hawk Casino in California, a $167,851 jackpot was won by a woman playing the Fortune King progressive slot machine. On Thursday, January 6th, a woman identified only as Mary won a sizable jackpot on her slot game.

According to the release issued by the casino, a $167,851 jackpot was won in just a half hour of play. Mary, a loyal Rewards Club member who makes her residence in Shingle Sprints, California, claims that she will be using the money to pay off the remaining debt on her home.

The Fortune King progressive slot has paid a total of $2,811,375 in progressive jackpots. This is not the largest jackpot paid out, but it is far from the smallest. One jackpot paid $1,803,050, showing the large amount of cash that can be won through this slot. Of the six jackpots paid, only three were higher than the jackpot paid to Mary.

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